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***WARNING*** As the title states this is my Joke Pad. It contains jokes I have collected over the years from all different sources. This blog is for the open minded who dont take offence. If you are offended easily please look else where. This blog is not politically or morally correct it's just me having a laugh and hoping you have a laugh as well. ANY PICTURES OR JOKES YOU'D LIKE TO SHARE PLEASE SEND THEM TO-

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Teacher says to little Tommy 'Why weren't you at school yesterday?'

Tommy says 'My grandfather got burnt'

Teacher says 'Badly?'

Little Tommysays ' Yes, they don't f*ck about at the crematorium.'

New Bike

Boy comes home and tells his parents he has just had sex for the firsttime.The proud Dad says 'I'll buy you a bike to celebrate, but you will have towait until next pay day"

the boy replies 'that's alright Dad, my arse is too sore to ride it anyway'


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